Trained by the NRA and built from the ground up, Center Mass Arms Training was born from a pure and steadily-developing passion for not only firearms themselves, but for helping others develop that same passion through training and understanding. Fewer things are as rewarding as replacing fear of the unknown with knowledge, experience, and enjoyment…and to watch people excel at it!  That said, training is only a small portion of our individual learning process. In developing any skill, without application, trial, error, and repetition we’ll only attain a small portion of the available potential.  Train, train, train.

NRA_Instructor            chief_range_safety

Here are some of the credentials we’ve collected along the way and found to be helpful and practical:

  • Range Safety Officer
  • Massachusetts Firearms Law with Chief Ron Glidden
  • Mass Law with Jon Green of Goal
  • Concealed Carry I
  • Concealed Carry II
  • Concealed Carry III
  • Low Lighting Shooting
  • Armed Defense in the Home
  • Judgmental Tactics Course
  • Wachusett Firearms Defensive Handgun I
  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting
  • MA Gun Law for Citizens (by GOAL)

Additional credentials gathered:

  • Massachusetts LTC Class
  • Connecticut LTC Class
  • Utah LTC Class
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • MA State Police Certified Instructor for Firearms Safety
  • NRA Endowment Member
  • GOAL Member
  • NRA Recruiter

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