Q: Will I receive my license to carry or FID at the end of this class?

A:  Providing you complete the requirements for the class, you will receive (2) certificates: your NRA Basic Firearms Safety Certificate and your MA State Police Certificate.  These will either be handed to you at the end of the class or will be mailed to your home address.  In order to receive your license glitch-free, we strongly recommend you contact your local police department or visit the website for your city/town-specific  requirements.  These requirements could be made up of providing the two certificates, an application from the police department, letters of reference, pictures, fingerprints, etc.  Be sure to follow their requirements precisely.  Note that in some cases they can help you with the picture and fingerprints.  Once you complete all the requirements set by your local police department, you will receive notification by them once your license has been issued.