CMAT General Questions:

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

A:  Yes, we offer gift certificates for any of our courses.  Contact us via our website for more information.

Q: Do you offer private instruction?

A:    Yes.  Private instruction is available by appointment only.  Call or email with the details for pricing and scheduling.

Q: Do you offer classes to organizations or groups?

A:    Yes.  We are able to work with Corporations, Communities, companies, families, churches, organizations, etc. and can hold the class at either our facility or yours.  Please contact us to discuss pricing and scheduling details.

Q: What classes do you offer?

A:  We offer classes suited for all pursuits, from a brand new shooter to someone who is looking to improve their shootings skills.  Our classes are outlined on our website but be sure to check back often as our class list will change often.  If after reviewing them you still have questions, please contact us.

Q: What happens if I sign up for a class and submit my payment but can’t make it?

A:    You must contact us 24 hours before the class if you need to cancel. We will then apply your prepayment to an upcoming class that better suits your schedule. If you do not call or email your cancellation to us outside of 24 hours, you may lose your deposit as we have a no refund policy.

Q: Some of these classes are more than 4 hours in length. Will there be a lunch/dinner break?

A:  We often have bottled water available but if you feel you’d need to have food or snacks, you may bring some along.  We only ask that you be considerate about “loud” or “smelly” food.  I know it’s a peculiar request but let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced “that guy”.

Which sporting club should I join?

We are very fortunate in the state of Massachusetts to have many great shooting clubs available to us.  The “right” club for you depends greatly on your skills and interests.  For example:  some clubs offer firearms only with no archery; while some offer smaller calibers only and no rifle or shotgun.  The number of clubs and the types of shooting options are vast.  If you’re interested in checking out Skeet, Trap, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Cowboy, ProAm, Bullseye, Long Distance Precision, Archery, Biathlon, Bowling Pins, Plinking, Machine Gun, contact us directly with your interests and we’ll work to help point you in the right direction for participating clubs and even training options.

Why should I join GOAL or the NRA?

There are several advantages to being a part of either or both of these organizations (not the least of these are representation for all shooting purposes, being in the know of upcoming plans or changes with legislation, law clarification and even significant business discounts with retailers).  However, there are many local shooting or sporting clubs that require you to be a member of GOAL and/or NRA in order to join.

NRA Basic Firearms Safety Course:

Q: How many people will be in the class?

A:  We like to keep the number of students to approximately 10-12 or so (likely fewer).  We believe this intimate sized group helps to create the best learning experience.

Q: Is this the right class for me if I don’t have my firearms LTC (license to carry) but would like to?

A:  Yes!  This is exactly the right class for you and we offer other classes as well that you can take after you get your license to carry or FID to help you become a better shooter.

Q: Is this the right class for me if I want to get my FID instead of my firearms LTC (license to carry)?

A:  The state of Massachusetts requires the same class whether you’ll be applying for your FID or LTC.

Q: Is this the right class for me if I’ve got my license and have been shooting for a while?

A:  Many people take this class frequently as a refresher and as a means to keep up with changes to basic firearms owner laws and regulations.  However, depending on what you’re looking to achieve, we could have a better class to suit you.  Please feel free to contact us to review your options.

Q: I’ve got a lot of experience with firearms. Do I need to take the Basic Firearms Safety class?

A:  If you intend to carry, transport, buy, sell, or even buy firearms or ammunition you must have your appropriate Massachusetts state issued firearms license to do so.  Taking this class is a means to receive that license.  However, some people take this class as a refresher even if they have a firearms license.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement?

A:  In Massachusetts, you must be over 21 years of age to be approved for your LTC (license to carry) and over 15 years of age – with parental consent – to apply for your FID (Firearms ID Card).  The state of Massachusetts will allow someone who is 14 years of age to take this class so that the paperwork can be approved on their 15th birthday.  However, Massachusetts will not approve that application for an FID until you actually turn 15. If you are under 18, you MUST have written parental consent to take this class AND to apply for your FID.  And if the student is under 18, the parent does not need to be present for the class.

Q: Will I receive my license to carry or FID at the end of this class?

A:  Providing you complete the requirements for the class, you will receive (2) certificates: your NRA Basic Firearms Safety Certificate and your MA State Police Certificate.  These will either be handed to you at the end of the class or will be mailed to your home address.  In order to receive your license glitch-free, we strongly recommend you contact your local police department or visit the website for your city/town-specific  requirements.  These requirements could be made up of providing the two certificates, an application from the police department, letters of reference, pictures, fingerprints, etc.  Be sure to follow their requirements precisely.  Note that in some cases they can help you with the picture and fingerprints.  Once you complete all the requirements set by your local police department, you will receive notification by them once your license has been issued.

Q: Will I be shooting any firearms during this class?

A:  Though Massachusetts does not require live fire for this class, Center Mass Arms Training is moving in the direction of providing this feature.  At this point however, there is no live fire in this class.  Regardless of whether the range time is offered or not, do not bring any firearms or ammunition to this class.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to this class?

A:  You will receive a packet of information in class to take home with you.  The presentation is given using a Power Point slide show.  You may want to bring a pen/pad in order to take notes.  There will be a test at the end of the class!

Q: Will I be handling firearms in this class?

A:  Yes!  This class is a basic firearms safety class that helps to provide an overview of most types of firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns…both semi-automatic and manually operated actions).  We will be walk you through the entire handling process.  You are not expected to know how to do this prior to the class.  Nearly everyone who takes this class has never even handled a firearm before.

Q: Will I be handling different firearms if I’m going for my LTC or FID?

A:  You will be handling the same firearms no matter which license you apply for.  You can expect to handle many types of handguns and long guns.

Q: Will there be any discussions specific to Massachusetts firearms law?

A:  Yes but this is not a comprehensive Massachusetts firearms laws class so no matter what laws are discussed, you are ultimately responsible for seeking, knowing and understanding the specific applicable Massachusetts laws.  Comprehensive Massachusetts firearms laws can be found on websites http://www.mass.gov and https://malegislature.gov

Q: What do I do if I’m denied my LTC or FID?

A:  If you are denied an LTC, the law says you can appeal a suspension, revocation, denial, or if restrictions have been applied to a license.  This is done by filing a petition for judicial review in district court within 90 days.  If you’ve not received an official denial, you may approach the court after 40 days of non-response from the state.  If you are denied an FID, you can petition the state Firearms Licensing Bureau in Chelsea, MA.