Which sporting club should I join?

We are very fortunate in the state of Massachusetts to have many great shooting clubs available to us.  The “right” club for you depends greatly on your skills and interests.  For example:  some clubs offer firearms only with no archery; while some offer smaller calibers only and no rifle or shotgun.  The number of clubs Read More …

Why should I join GOAL or the NRA?

There are several advantages to being a part of either or both of these organizations (not the least of these are representation for all shooting purposes, being in the know of upcoming plans or changes with legislation, law clarification and even significant business discounts with retailers).  However, there are many local shooting or sporting clubs that require Read More …

Q: What classes do you offer?

A:  We offer classes suited for all pursuits, from a brand new shooter to someone who is looking to improve their shootings skills.  Our classes are outlined on our website but be sure to check back often as our class list will change often.  If after reviewing them you still have questions, please contact us.

Q: Do you offer classes to organizations or groups?

A:    Yes.  We are able to work with Corporations, Communities, companies, families, churches, organizations, etc. and can hold the class at either our facility or yours.  Please contact us to discuss pricing and scheduling details.